Our Special Projects division works all over the UK carrying out emergency installations and specialist routine works which require careful planning and faultless precision. Ranging from chiller installations to whole turnkey projects, our experienced special projects team will ensure than all projects are completed to the highest standard, on time and with minimal disruption to day to day operations.


Specialist in All Pipework Systems 

We are specialists in all types of pipework systems and can design, install and maintain pipework to process plant applications including gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, dust extraction & cooling industries. We are able to design and install new pipe routes as well as upgrade existing pipe systems. We always exceed our client’s expectations by ensuring that our client’s requirements are at the forefront of our processes.


Onsite Pipework & Plant Fabrication

Our team are highly experienced in working onsite in all conditions to deliver the final pipework and plant installations.


Offsite Fabrication Facility  

Our offsite fabrication facility based in Gloucestershire allows us to produce totally bespoke system components of the highest quality using a cost effective process. Off-site fabrication reduces health and safety risks associated with on-site work as well as purchase and installation costs, savings which are passed on to all of our clients. Access and work space is a common issue, our offsite fabrication facility not only reduces complex site activities but it also allows us to access challenging sites which may have previously been inaccessible.


Turnkey Projects 

Our technical knowledge and expertise in design and installation projects ensures our team works effectively to deliver bespoke or turnkey projects to achieve minimum business downtime and maximum customer satisfaction.


Bio & Anaerobic Plant

Hewer FM Renewables design, build and commission AD plants for UK farms, businesses and authorities. We deal with each project on an individual basis, building the plant to the feedstock or biomass specifications required to provide optimum benefits. Our team of highly skilled experienced mechanical engineers, welders, and fitters and electricians manufacture and fabricate a variety of mechanical and electrical components and pipework for AD systems.


Chiller Installation

Our Chiller team have over 20 years’ experience installing and commissioning chillers and refrigeration systems in warehouse, factory, business and office environments. We will help organisations and businesses achieve significant energy savings whilst improving efficiencies and performance.